yFlicks 3.3

Handle your videos your way


  • Import and export movies
  • Apple Remote integration
  • enjoy video files in Front Row


  • Lags often
  • License takes a long time to come


yFlicks is a great application to enjoy your videos the way you want.

The best feature of the program is probably the Front Row view, which will display all the covers for your videos and let you quickly browse through them. You an also quickly preview a movie just by hovering your mouse over it. The interface is very clear, displaying all your lists on the left side and album covers in the main window. You can also change the application to a clearer, glass interface.

Not only is yFlicks good at organizing your videos but it can also be used to play them back. Videos can be seen in full screen and you can interact with them, adding a rating or even organizing them in groups. yFlicks integrates well with Apple Remote, so you can sit back in your couch and play all your videos. What's more you can easily import movies from video sharing sites like YouTube or DailyMotion and export them to your iPod.

There are two drawbacks to the program though. First of all, yFlicks is known to lag every now and then, with this only getting worse the more movies you have in your library. Secondly, if you purchase the program you might have to wait a little bit to get your license.

Despite being a little slow, yFlicks is a great program to preview your video library and play them back from the comfort of your couch.

yFlicks is a movie player based on Mac OS X's QuickTime Framework. But it's much more than that: yFlicks comprises a wide range of functionality, which previously required a slew of task-specific applications.

Most importantly, you can watch your movies just like you used to do with QuickTime Player. But in addition to that, yFlicks offers the ability to play videos in fullscreen mode, organize your videos in groups, search them, rate them, and browse them in preview mode.

Furthermore, you can easily download YouTube/Google/MyVideo videos, view them as flash videos (requires the excellent free Perian codec), and export them to other movie formats — e.g., for viewing them on your iPod.



yFlicks 3.3

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